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iPad FAQ

Teachers must submit an electronic form for an app to be considered for use in the classroom. The information that must be submitted includes:

  • Application Name
  • What does this app do?
  • What is the educational value of this app?
  • What is the TEKS(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) connection?
  • How much time will the students use the app?
  • How much does the app cost?

This information is then reviewed for approval by campus administrators. Once the app is approved, it is then submitted to the AISD Technology department for deployment to the devices.

To see a list of approved iOS applications for classroom use, click HERE

What classes have access to iPad carts?

iPad carts are currently being deployed to all of the third grade classrooms and an additional cart per grade level to assist with newly adopted digital textbook material and initiatives.


Can any application be used on the iPads?

Only approved applications are placed on the iPads. Teachers and students cannot install apps on the devices. An approval procedure is in place to make sure that safe and worthwhile applications are used.


Is the internet filtered while my child is using the iPad?

Yes. Content filtering is enabled on the iPad through the districts Fortigate firewall appliance. If you feel that something is not blocked and should be blocked, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


The staff at AISD do their best to make sure that inappropriate content isn’t accessed on the school devices. All district iPads are filtered using the Fortiguard content filter/firewall. If you believe there is objectionable content or applications being used on the district devices, please report it to us using the contact form to the right.


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